Friday, February 19, 2010

The call goes out as a man beating a woman in a parking lot. I'm just a mile down the road so I cut a sharp turn and head up that way. I'm the first to arrive and I see nothing going on. I see a couple of people in the parking lot but nobody is trying to get my attention. I pull up to a man getting into his vehicle and ask him if he calls. He answers no with an attitude. Something inside me tells me he's not being totally forthcoming. However I have no suspect description and I'm hesitant to hold him with such limited information. Another unit arrives and goes inside the business. As we're waiting the man leaves. The officer comes out and says the man who just drove off is the guy we're looking for! After saying "oh sh**!" I jump in my car and go down the freeway after him. I'm a little embarrassed at this point. I had the man but because I didn't have enough information to be sure I let him go. I see two vehicles ahead of me that split up. I choose one and catch up to him and I'm thinking "please God let this be him so I can redeem myself!" I can hear the other officer get on the radio and tell the world I talked to the suspect before letting him drive off. Great! I pick one of the vehicles and thank God it's the right one. I stop him and he gets out and I put him in cuffs and throw him in my car and chew his ass out for misleading me like that. Granted he didn't call us, but he damn well knew we were there for him. Come to find out it was just an argument and the people in the business over reacted. At least I found him and didn't lose him. That would have been embarrassing.

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