Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I read an interesting report. Family members sent officers to check on an elderly relative. They found the house all locked up, no sign of flies on any of the windows and no foul odors. These are the typical signs that there is a dead body in the house. However many family members and friends are outside adamant that the elderly relative has to be inside. So the officers make forced entry and find the man face down on a bathroom floor. He is dying, but still alive. So they quickly load him onto an ambulance and rush him to the hospital. Good call!

It was mostly a quiet night up until the end when a lady officer gets on the air shouting then suddenly falls silent. I'm about 15 miles away but I start heading that way. Units that are closer start hauling tail to get there. By the time I get there it is long over. I find out a drunk man decided he was going to take his baby and leave. Well his family tries to stop him so he assaults all of them and winds up hurting his own kid (not majorly though). We have to take him out of the car to search him properly. I feel it only fair to give him fair warning if he tries to nut up on us his night will be a lot worse. In his drunken state he takes offense to this and curses at us. We place him against the car to search him and he wants to turn and argue about how we're violating his rights and we don't have to be mean to him and that he's a human being. Now he's drunk so he's not going to listen to reason (or come to the realization that he's dead wrong) yet that didn't stop me from pointing out that he assaulted three women and a child so his feeble attempts to redeem his manhood are gone. That seemed to offend him even more. When we were done with the search I told him to get back in the car but he still wanted to argue. So I had to help him into the car. Later on when he got to the jail they discovered he gave a false name to hide six warrants he had for his arrest. What a damn loser!

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