Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I walk into the office and hear about a home invasion that occurred earlier that morning. A man woke up and found two punks in his living room. He thought they had a rifle. The two flee and he calls us. One of our guys finds the suspects' car a block away with one of them outside so he gets snatched. The other is found hiding in some bushes a short while later. They find one is an adult and other is a juvenile. Both are charged with the same felony and taken to their respective jails.

Went driving through one of our many bad neighborhoods. I notice all the cross looks I'm getting from the locals. I am surprised when two young kids start waving so I wave back. I hope those kids grow up to remember the nice cop who waved back. As I pass an apartment complex I see a guy with his pants hanging down. He's showing off for two young kids throwing his signs. He sees me staring at him hard. If he mocks me I'm turning the car and gonna get out and make his acquaintance. He stops and then starts scuttling away. Probably to get rid of his product.

I get notified by dispatch to call the juvenile jail. Come to find out one of the little burglars from that morning really isn't a juvenile. So now someone has to come get him and take him to the correct jail and the charges and jail hold have to be redone. I have to do all that from the station. On my way a van flies past me like I'm standing still. I pull him over and the moment I get a look at him I know there is no way in hell he has a driver's license nor is he an adult. Sure enough he's 16 and took his dad's van without asking. I go back to my car and call his dad to come get him and the van. Meanwhile I run him and find a missing person hit out of New York. After some digging around I figure out it's not him, just amazing coincidence. He seems annoyed that I'm holding him. When his older brother arrives he tells me he thinks he's a man and at the age where nobody can tell him anything. I tell him to beat his ass! If he were my kid he'd be limping!

I make it back to the station and pull the report and after an hour take care of the charges. All that idiot did by lying about his age was extend the time he was in custody!

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