Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We checked up on the drunk from yesterday. The DA's office dismissed the resisting arrest charge. Their reasoning was that he was too drunk and exhausted from assaulting his family he had no idea the officer was trying to arrest him. Never mind that the statute says if the officer is in uniform the actor is presumed to know it is an officer and she was giving lawful orders that he ignored. I hate to say it, but some ADAs need to be crime victims and maybe then they will understand their shortcomings in reason. My favorite is the ADA who refused to prosecute a wanted felon who used his 10 year old daughter as a human shield when detectives went to arrest him and then he fled leaving his daughter behind. Sometimes I feel the DA's office is selective which victims they will pursue justice for.

An officer was involved in an accident today. Fortunately nobody was hurt. A teenager, not paying attention came out of a parking lot and got hit.

An inept mother who is afraid of her daughter having sex sends us to check on her while she is at her boyfriend's house. The mother has no sense to ground her daughter and take her car from her because she doesn't want her daughter riding the bus to school! She was told to be a mother! She didn't like that!

An old fool attends his neighborhoods HOA meeting to complain about black people in the neighborhood. He was upset that the black officer who was called there was not offended by him in the least so he storms out of the meeting and sends an angry email saying he will refuse to attend any further meetings if that black officer still patrols that district. That is great! He will keep his racist ass at home and wallow in his own hatred!

I got "volunteered" to attend what I was told was a flood control management meeting. Come to find out that is not what it was. So I sent a text message to a friend asking her to entertain me. She replies asking if she looks like a dancing monkey. I send a text back saying I was thinking more of her putting on clown makeup. I'm waiting to see if that ends up on her blog!


Diane said...

Sounds like the ADAs need a kick in the pants to prosecute. Why NOT prosecute? afraid of overfilling the jails and prisons?

Mad Jack said...

Do I look like a dancing monkey?

No... but with a little clown makeup you could be very entertaining. LOL!

Sometimes I feel the DA's office is selective which victims they will pursue justice for.

Of course the DA is selective. Why would you believe otherwise? I've seen one case after another simply dropped because it's too much work, not a sure thing or the prosecutor simply doesn't feel like trying the case. Recently the DA made a deal with a drug dealer in my neighborhood and the case was a certain slam dunk. Now the DA is recommending community control instead of jail. I'm spearheading an effort to get all the neighbors to write letters to the judge prior to sentencing to get this man put away for a few years.

Deputy's Wife said...

Hi new follower of mine! Just thought I'd drop by to say hey and tell you I like what you write! Thanks for keepin' it real!