Thursday, February 25, 2010

I was going over some paperwork when a man walks into the lobby. He says he was in a crash over the weekend and fled the scene when he was scared. Wow! That hardly ever happens. A unit comes to get his information. Now, I figured he was going to arrest the guy for fail to stop and give information but instead gives him a ticket for his part in the accident! Huh? Oh well I can see the DA's office refusing to prosecute saying his walking in and confessing isn't good enough. I can see them saying he would have to be in a photo lineup and identified by the driver of the other car who never got a look at him.

A drunk is discovered in the street and arrested for public intoxication. I get there and the officer is hoping he has drugs on him. He doesn't want a simple Class C arrest, he wants to file charges. He finds a lighter on the drunk and asks where his dope is. The drunk denies ever using drugs (despite the fact he has a history of drug arrests). The officer then asks if he doesn't use drugs where are his cigarettes. The drunk replies "in my pocket you missed them dummy!"
That was pretty funny! The officer got his wish when the drunk threatened him with retaliation for arresting him! What a damn fool! That was his 25th arrest!

Another guy decided he just had to relieve himself sexually so he chose a park to go do it. Too bad he chose to do it next to an officer! He went to jail!

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