Saturday, February 27, 2010

Word gets around pretty quick. An off duty officer apparently laid down his motorcycle on the interstate and hurt himself pretty bad. Life flight came out and flew him to the hospital where last I hear he is talking. Thank God! As much as motorcycles are appealing they can be hell if you lay them down at 80 MPH!

Someone was telling me about the former officer who got arrested a couple of days ago for drunk driving. Apparently he cut off the arresting officer and refused to do any tests after claiming he was still an officer. He also urinated on himself. Real classy! Again can't say I feel any sympathy for him.

I'm on the road and need to get over into the lane yet there is another car there. I turn on the signal and slow down for the car to pass me. It brakes and slows down significantly. He is sure reluctant to pass me. In my line of work this is known as a clue. I practically come to a stop to get him to pass me and I see an expired sticker. Okay that's a start. I pull him over and all he has is the expired sticker and a license plate that was cancelled two years ago. That's it? That's all? Damn I thought it would be something better than that. I write the tickets and go on my way.

I hate to sound politically incorrect here, but what is it with Asians and driving without headlights at night? I'm serious the only people I ever find anymore driving without their headlights at night are Asian drivers. Tonight was no exception. She drives right past me with no lights. Then when I turn my lights on she stops not on the side of the road, but in the middle of it! With cars coming up behind me. I finally get her to move to a safe spot and show her how to turn on her lights then I let her go.

Then a luxury car blows through a red light. I stop it and find a pregnant woman driving. She's my age. She's upping her breathing trying to cry. Oh please! Little does she know that if she has a valid license and insurance I'm going to let her go. However I want to see her little game here. She says she was on her way from a baby shower and that her husband is in the hospital and life is hard. Apparently he's not critical if she's out at a baby shower. This woman strikes me as very spoiled and not good at this game. Lucky for her I already made up my mind to let her go. During all that fake crying she did not shed one damn tear! I thought about pointing that out to her but na! No point in doing so.

Then comes an emergency call. A teenage girl hears someone at her door and calls 911. I'm on the other side of the highway from her house so I hit the lights and noise and haul ass and I'm the first one there. As I walk up to the door I see a note jammed in it. This is what the girl heard when she panicked. I knock on the door and she and her friend open the door. I felt like I was in a bad teenage comedy when the girls open the door wearing almost nothing. I show her the note. Of course we check the house and find nothing and try to reassure her it's okay. Being teenagers they are still in a state of panic and probably still not old enough to be left home alone.

Right after that EMS calls us saying they are trying to transport an elderly lady who fell down to the hospital but her son is giving them problems. Now, I get really pissed off when someone interferes with us doing our jobs! Same goes for fire and medical people (oh and a little secret I do have a fondness for lady paramedics). I get there as the elderly woman is being loaded up and the officers are fussing at the drunk son. He's about 40ish so he's not kid. One of the medics says he was telling them he has a black belt in kung fu. I raised my flashlight and said "amazing coincidence, I have a black flashlight and two black boots!" I go talk to the drunk son who is just pathetic in my opinion. I flat out ask why is he giving the nice medical people problems and he says he isn't. Well what the hell am I doing here if that's the case? I warn him he better sober up before he leaves the house to see his mother. As we're leaving he comes out claiming harassment and why isn't his mother being cared for. I whisper to the other officers if he gets to the easement before the street I'm going to arrest him. I see he is wearing flip flops. A thought crosses my mind. I wanted so badly to say that I have a boot for his ass but that would be unprofessional. I tell him he better not come out onto the street. Yet I'll admit part of me hopes he disregards me and walks up to me. I'm so wanting him to give me a reason to arrest him. However fortunately for him he stops and goes back into the house, exactly as I tell him to do. Damn! One of the few times a drunk actually does what I tell him/her! I turn around and the ambulance is leaving along with the pretty lady medic. Out of my life, for now!


*Goddess* said...

I felt like I was in a bad teenage comedy when the girls open the door wearing almost nothing.

Bad teenage comedy or amateur porn? LOL!

Texas Ghostrider said...

Lady Medics? Better let me make the scene and give the second opinion....... lol

I didn't hear about a Solo going down recently, Hope he is ok.