Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Occasionally I get frantic calls from officers. One calls me up freaking out because his girlfriend stormed out of the apartment after a fight. I wasn't feeling very sympathetic but he said his mind wasn't right to come to work. He said since she left he's tried calling and texting her. Whoa! Hold on! I ask him many messages has he sent and he says about 100! Damn! I tell him that she's doing this to play with his mind and he needs to quit chasing her. I finally convince him to take my advice and later on she comes home. The next day he comes up and tells me I was right about her. I never tire of hearing that. In fact she came back to yell at him for not pursuing her like she wanted. Definitely a case where the younger generation can look up to us who've "been there done that!"


Jackie said...

LOL! Men!

Thanks for coming to visit my blog!! :)! I love reading your blog it's witty/funny/real life. So thanks for that!

ps. I think cops rock ;)!

*Goddess* said...

Absence can't make the heart grow fonder if you're texting her every three minutes...