Sunday, February 7, 2010

I've been lapse the past few days so I'll try to go over the highlights:

A man calls and claims he found a shoe box with 8 newborn puppies that were left on his front porch in the cold, rainy weather. When the officer arrived two had already died and the other 6 were on their way out. The man who called said he wasn't "an animal person." I'm willing to bet he has a dog that just gave birth and he put them on his own porch and called. After all, why would someone leave them on his porch? I understand his attitude was aloof about the whole thing. Too bad I can't prove it or I'd be looking to charge him with animal cruelty. The officer took it upon himself to warm the surviving puppies and the animal rescue came out and got them which is good.

We receive a call to a church about a possibly homeless and mentally ill female. The first call said the pastor was talking to her. I thought that was enough. I thought churches were supposed to be a beacon of help and pastors should be experienced at dealing with all kinds of people. They called an ambulance and disregarded us. Cool, problem solved. About twenty minutes later the ambulance calls back saying they need help with the woman. I get there first and find a woman standing next to the paramedic shaking. Well it is cold! Getting her name is like pulling teeth. She is giving some African first name but no last name and no address. She mumbled that her boyfriend beat her up and threw her out of their house a long time ago. The pastor says she came into the church and grabbed him to make him listen to her. Then she went to the restroom where she undressed and washed herself. He decided handling her was above his head. We wound up taking her to the psych hospital where they recognized her as a patient. Why am I not surprised?

I drove past two people in the middle of the road standing outside their vehicles looking at their cars. That means only one thing, the car behind hit the one in front. I pull in behind them and make sure everyone is okay. A young man tapped the woman in front of him. I get both of their licenses and tell them to move to the cars into a nearby parking lot. I do this in case if one of them flees I know who they are and filing charges will be no problem. It's never happened to me but it has happened to others. I find that there is hardly any damage and neither party wanted a report so it's all good. The young man is apologetic. He said his two year old daughter was in the backseat whining so he turned to looked at her, turned around and saw the light turn green, but didn't see the woman in front of him moving so instinct took over and he hit his gas and her. Oops! Poor guy trying to calm his kid down and look what happens. Hell of a nice guy I'm glad it worked out for him.

I run a juvenile party call. I hate these for so many reasons to list. I get there and find cars parked on both sides of the road and teenagers walking around the sidewalks lost. When they see me half of them quickly turn and head towards their cars. Gives me an idea on how to handle this. I get out and walk up to some more teens and suggest they go somewhere else. I quickly figure out which house the party is and learn the owners are out of town. So either they left their teenage kid or all these people broke in. I walk up the side of the house and peek through the fence and see the all too familiar image of teens and beer cans. I walk up the other side and into the back yard and teens go running into the house. Since nobody bothered to shut the door I took that as an open invitation and walked right in. I managed to find a few teens who didn't mind my company (i.e. didn't run away). Since they were being cool with me and all the dunderheads were running and I was by myself and didn't feel like chasing shadows. I had them clean up the mess and pour all the alcohol down the drain which they did. I found the kid who lived there. I made him my new friend (since I had his future in my hands at the moment). I convinced him to tell anyone else who called or showed up that his party was over and the mean ole police were looking for a reason to bust him (it wasn't true I was giving him a way out so he could save face). When it was done I left and that neighborhood was quiet the rest of the night and nobody got arrested.

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