Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We're being warned about the cold weather. I don thermals and hope it doesn't rain along with the cold temperatures. I turn on the radio to listen to a pursuit that's going on. Some idiot lead three agencies on a chase then said he ran because he was thinking of his kids. Talk about retarded!

I run a call where a man got threatened by a man who parked in his driveway to pick his kid up from school! Talk about disrespectful!

We then responded to a call where a man came home to find his back window broken, his humongous TV set left outside in the rain and his laptop stolen. Talk about sucking!

Some snow started coming down as we ate dinner. It didn't last long. I looked up, saw the snow coming down. Took a bite of my dinner and looked out again and it had stopped!

Saw a vehicle that had a hard time driving straight. Made me wonder if he was drunk or just couldn't see the road. I decided to find out which and pulled him over. The guy was an illegal alien. I ran his name and found different arrest records with the same information except for the date of birth. I decided to arrest him to be sure who he really was.

After than I'm going down the street when a car turns in front of me with no tail lights. I go ahead and stop him too. He hands me an expired license which is suspended. He has insurance this time but has a prior conviction meaning he can't get a ticket. What kind of surprised me is the assistant DA gave me a hard time about the prior conviction. She sounded like she was going to flake out so I told her I had the case number, the date, all that good stuff. I arrest him too and since he's cool I let him call his friend to get his car. I really didn't want to tow the car. The guy strikes me as having enough problems. I call his friend for him and he says he's been arrested. His friend says "for DWI?" The prisoner says "naw man I ain't drunk, my license is suspended!" Hell of a friend to automatically assume that!

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