Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today was a really nice day. It was clear and sunny. Aside from the cold weather I might have considered sneaking off to the beach.

I get an angry call from a woman asking how to file a complaint on an officer. I hate these calls because I feel I'm being set up. I imagine they are recording the call and doing some news story about cooperative (or not) police agencies are to people who want to complain. So I start asking for details and this woman cannot make sense. She claims she is being harassed and stalked by persons unknown. She puts her husband on the phone who says they are being harassed by a bunch of their neighbors one of them an officer. However they don't know who the officer is or what agency he works for. So I tell him how he can file a complaint when he has the name and agency of the officer in question. I try to get more details. He insists the band of neighbors against him are KKK. I kind of point out the obvious that they don't like their neighbors so they are looking to file complaints. He didn't like that. He said they are both "black pastors" (his words not mine) and they hate nobody. I'm sorry I don't believe that for a moment. Some of the most intolerant, racist people I've had to deal with have been pastors. In my opinion a bunch of con artists!

As I'm heading down the road I see an officer with a car on traffic in a parking lot. I stop to see if I can help him out and he has two guys in the car. I cover the passenger side and hear the officer ask where they are coming from and ask to search the car. He gets told no. I don't know many hoods who give permission anymore. Come to find out the driver has a suspended license so he gets arrested. He thinks he's being arrested for refusing consent to search. He couldn't grasp the fact that his license is suspended. I look up and notice the passenger is unexpectedly out of the car. He wants to leave so he gets put in the backseat as well. The officer has it from there so I leave and turn right into a major accident. A car load of teens made a turn and got hit hard. They all went to the hospital.

As I leave that scene they broadcast a stolen officer's personal vehicle with his police jacket and his duty weapon. That's got to suck. I try not to leave my gun in the car but sometimes you really don't have a choice. About ten minutes later it is cancelled after it was learned it was just towed. So the officer was careless and parked it where he shouldn't.

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Jake said...

You seem to already know this but be especially careful about those complaint calls. Don't even ask for details. Just give them the info.

There is a group that goes around doing this:

They even use a former cop as a decoy.