Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I was running too close for comfort today. I lagged getting ready and headed out the door at the last minute. I had to make a stop at the cleaners and get my clean uniforms including the long sleeve shirt for the cold weather. I arrive at the station at the last minute and start putting my gear into the patrol car. At one point I walk out from my car and take a sharp left to the patrol car. Good thing I did because one of our dispatchers must have been running late because she comes flying through the parking lot right past me. When she passes me she has to slam on her brakes because an officer is coming slowly around the corner and they almost met!

I hear dispatch broadcast a stolen Mustang taken by an officer in the next county's own daughter who ran away to see her convict boyfriend. That sucks. That's like a slap in the face the girl would choose a criminal over her own father. However her cop/father kind of makes himself annoying when he calls us demanding we issue an Amber alert. He isn't happy with the explination that his daughter running away and stealing the car doesn't qualify for an Amber alert. Surely he would have read up on it before he would call to make a demand.

I'm driving down the street about an hour before dinner time when I get stuck in a traffic jam. I figured it was typical rush hour traffic until I see the wrecker lights up ahead. I then see a disabled vehicle in the intersection. I see the two occupants and ask if they are okay and the man (driver) is looking at me rather strangely. I ask where the other car is and they look at me funny. I then ask in Spanish (she said they don't speak English) and they still look at me funny. I get the car moved and we quiz the couple some more. The man was driving but the woman seems to want to do all the talking. Another clue something is up. I silence her and ask the man (via interpreter) what happened and he said he hit another vehicle that went into the parking lot (about half a mile away). I ask him why is he over here and not in that parking lot with the other vehicle. He said he figured they were meeting later. Oh hell no! This fool tried to flee the scene and his car broke down in the intersection. Though why he didn't run on foot is beyond me. We give sobriety tests and on HGN he's got all the signs. We try the walk & turn which he cannot do and then he starts getting aggravated and tensing up. I thought he was getting ready to fight so I come up behind him and grab him and cuff him before he makes up his mind. He goes to intox and I'll have to find out later how that went.

It's time to go to dinner so I clear that and head on down the road. I hear a siren coming up behind me and watch as a transit officer rushes past me. I flip to their channel to see what's going on. I don't need to activate my equipment I just go with the flow and reach the scene after him. Come to find out some drunk had to go pee and whipped it out and urinated all over the bus and even some passengers! I'm surprised he was still walking. If some fool urinated on me on a bus I'd stomp his ass right then and there! I follow the officer as he turns onto a side street and stops by a guy coming from a dead end. The guy says he has no idea where he is but that his partner dropped him off to meet some woman that he has no name nor address for. I ask him if he was on the bus and he says "I didn't do nothing to nobody!" That's not what I ask. I suspect this is him. I tell him he's going to be brought back to the bus and identified and he still acts dumb! Well maybe he wasn't acting! We bring him back and come to find out, it's him!

I finally get my dinner and try to lay low the rest of the night. I make two traffic stops on people who were both weaving. I suspected they would be intoxicated but one was just learning to drive and the other was just, well I guess old. No offense.

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