Friday, February 26, 2010

I wonder why she did it. Someone found a woman dead in a car. Apparently she had taken her own life. Women used to rarely commit suicide by shooting themselves however now it's becoming more prevalent. I know they say suicide is a straight ticket to hell however (and maybe I'm too compassionate) some of these people need peace. Why can't they have it in the afterlife at least?

Officers had to chase two home invaders throughout a neighborhood and called three different agencies looking for a K9 to come out and aid in the search. By the time they finally found one the second suspect (after the first had been caught) was found hiding in a drainage pipe and at first refused to come out. However he was persuaded to come out eventually.

Rumor has it a former officer got arrested for drunk driving. Knowing who it is I think karma finally caught up to him!

Repeatedly had to check the radio because it was quiet for too long. I get nervous when the radio is quiet for a long period of time. I have to make sure my radio is on and on the right channel. After all that radio silence at the end of the shift a big fight goes down at a popular restaurant full of families and friends just wanting to enjoy a night out. I'm the first one on the scene and snatch up one guy who people are pointing out. Come to find out it's two different groups of people from different something or other who agreed to meet at the restaurant to fight it out. How stupid! As I'm talking to one guy he actually tells me two guys got naked before fighting. I had to have him repeat it. In this cold weather two guys got buck ass naked to fight? Too bad they're gone I'd would have gladly taken them to jail naked and thrown them in the tank with the other inmates.

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