Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I guess my annoying weekend carried on into the work week. I get to the substation and load up and get ready to head out. I see a lone officer from another agency on a fender bender right in the median in front of the station. He is in a semi bad spot. At least people are slowing down in this spot. However what galls me is that the other officers are too busy loading their gear into their cars and who knows what to notice. This is a little embarrassing if this officer in the road needs help and the substation he's next to just goes about their business. I pull up next to him and offer to help but they are just going to exchange information. Situation easily resolved and our agency doesn't like an ass just passing by another officer.

There was no water in the main station today. A water main busted leaving the water pressure way low. I don't have to stay there but the poor dispatchers do!

Driving down the streets still irked about the weekend. I hate it when people can't follow through on what they say....hey that truck in front of me has an expired tag! I walk up and see he has the registration sticker for another car. He even admits it! He claims the inspection is legit and he is a state inspector! So he knows if I find out the inspection is fake I can arrest him but the MVI office is closed after hours. So he gets all the tickets I can write him.

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Jackie said...

I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy reading you're blog! I always look forward to you next post!